28 - 30 October 2020


International interactive platform
of energy efficiency, bioenergy
technologies and alternative energy
in agribusiness

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AgroEnergyDAY 2020 is the international interactive platform dedicated to energy efficiency, bioenergy technologies and alternative energy in agribusiness. For its third time the event will take place at the international exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment InterAGRO 2020.


AgroEnergyDAY 2020 is an effective communication tool for promotion of energy efficient technologies, as well as for broad involvement of agribusiness representatives as target audience.


 AgroEnergyDAY as an interactive platform includes:

  • the specialized exposition, which will work for all 4 days of the exhibition (28-30 October);
  • the conference dedicated to key questions of alternative energy development and energy efficiency in agribusiness (29 October).


October 28 - 30


Bioenergy technologies:
  • biogas complexes: technologies, equipment, raw materials;
  • liquid biofuel: technologies, equipment, raw materials;
  • solid biofuel: complexes for manufacture of pellets and briquettes from biomass;
  • cogeneration and boiler equipment;
  • energy crops: technologies of growing, machinery, equipment and planting material.

Consulting, banking and financial services.

Alternative energy:
  • turn-key solar power stations (off-grid, grid-tied, hybrid);
  • photovoltaic solar cells, modules, materials and other hardware;
  • solar energy storage systems, power inverters;
  • alternative heat supply systems (collectors, heat pump, etc.);
  • automation and software (systems of monitoring, control and management);
  • equipment and technologies for wind power farms;
  • equipment for solar energy.

International conference AgroEnergyDAY 2020

October 29
The program of the conference is being planned now. If you are interested in particular topics, please, send your suggestions to agro@kmkya.kiev.ua. It will help us prepare as useful and interesting conference program as possible.

Relevant topics:

  • energy efficiency of agribusiness: global trends and prospects for development in Ukraine;
  • how much and in what way can agrarians earn on wastes of agricultural biomass and ensure energy independence of Ukraine?
  • how do biogas complexes solve the problem of disposal of chicken manure, dung and biological wastes? Getting to a new level of profitability;
  • solar power stations: how to harness solar energy to save money?
  • legislation for “green” energy and what an investor should know;
  • why should agricultural producers invest into pellet industry?
  • is it profitable to grow energy crops? Practical experience of domestic and foreign farms;
  • low-carbon economy: what one should consider today in order to maintain the world leadership?

Visitors of AgroEnergyDAY:

  • manufacturers of agricultural products (agroholdings, small and medium farming households, agricultural manufacturing cooperatives of different areas of specialization);
  • representatives of food industry (suppliers of raw materials for biogas complexes and potential enterprises for implementation of bioenergy technologies);
  • owners of operating biogas complexes and solar power stations;
  • representatives of forestry enterprises;
  • representatives of local authorities (rural, city, rayon and oblast councils, united territorial communities) and public organizations;
  • representatives of line ministries, state officials, policymakers in the sphere of energy supply;
  • representatives of communal households;
  • domestic and foreign experts in the sphere of renewable energy sources;
  • representatives of industry organizations;
  • households;
  • scientists;
  • people, interested in implementation of “green” energy technologies.

Results of AgroEnergyDAY 2019

  • specialized exposition (21 exhibitors);
  • the international conference (4 thematic panels, 26 speakers, around 200 visitors);
  • match-making from the specialized experts (35 individual consultations).


Exhibitors: Bionic Technologies, HAMMEL Recyclіngtechnіk, MBI Development, Methalac SARL, Rodtech Recycling,  Zero Emission Energy, Аccord LTD, Business and Safety, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, Briquetting Technology, Freedom Energy IF, Volyn-Kalvis, Wolf System (National exposition of Germany), Eco Energy Group, Envitech, Plant Kriger, Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture, PE Kramar,  Pellet Association of Ukraine, Santa Inzhbud, Solar Innovations.

Management team of the international exhibition «InterAGRO»
(Kyiv International Contract Fair, Ltd.)

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